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Company Digital Presence Audit

By analyzing the current structure of your company, Teal Ninja can create a successful digital marketing strategy to increase your online presence.

Complete company analysis

In order to offer a complete analysis of your company, Teal Ninja will conduct market research. This will allow us to determine your company’s current position in the industry and create a specialized marketing plan to emulate and exceed the best practices of your main competitors.

Strong understanding of the industry landscape is the cornerstone to creating a sound marketing plan. A comprehensive audit will allow Teal Ninja to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your company, compared to the industry standards. Thereafter, our compete recommendation will provide a thorough roadmap for your company to increase its digital presence; Teal Ninja’s full service marketing team will do everything from content marketing to website optimization to change your company’s online experience to one that rivals the industry’s largest businesses.

Effective Web Development Solutions

Digital marketing isn’t just about replicating the successful practices of other businesses. Your company’s online presence is a virtual representation of your company’s mission and vision. Teal Ninja’s team of digital marketers works closely with our clients to create an online identity that aligns with the objectives of our clients. Using industry standard tools, years of experience, and tested techniques, we will create an accurate, cohesive report detailing the landscape of your industry.

Ongoing performance strategy

Digital marketing strategy isn’t static. Just as people’s behavior and inclinations change daily, Teal Ninja will offer ongoing strategic advice by monitoring the development of the industry and any changes in your company’s practices – that may be affecting your customer exposure and acquisition.

Projects optimizing behavior

Digital marketing is a two way interaction. Using A/B testing and other strategies, Teal Ninja will assess how your target audience interacts with different changes in your online presence. Using a comprehensive report and ongoing research, your company will be able to optimize your website in order to maximize the visitors and conversions from your strategies.

Effective Web Development Solutions

As a part of our ongoing relationship, Teal Ninja will continue to observe and research ways that your business can stay ahead of the curve with its products and presentation. Dedicated to the success of our clients, Teal Ninja uses real-time analytics to monitor customer behavior, in-page analytics to provide in depth content audits, platform analysis to determine different customer interacts through your multiple social channels, and other strategies. Some specific information Teal Ninja can provide include individual page views and behavior, event tracking, form tracking, and many other services that will help your specific company thrive.


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