Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

Teal Ninja will analyze your company and customize an effective content marketing strategy, tailored to your target audience. Our seasoned copywriters will ensure that your audience stays engaged with your company.  

Content Marketing is the act of creating and providing high quality, relevant content on your brand or industry for users to learn from and interact with. Content Marketing allows your company to increase its credibility as industry experts and influence the surrounding community. Unlike traditional direct marketing methods, Content marketing allows your company to empower your community, attract loyal clients, and increase your brand awareness with a significant Return on Investment (ROI).

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Industry News

As an industry expert, your potential clients will depend on you to inform them of recent events. Our team will create industry specific content guaranteed to increase the credibility and online reputation of our clients. 

Case Studies

Learn how to track ROI on all of your marketing campaigns and evaluate the performance of your projects with with in-depth reports. Doing so will allow you to efficiently apply your business objectives to your target audience.  

Content Planning

Plan your future content schedule by analyzing social media and email analytics in order to maximize your audience engagement and plan subsequent nurture campaigns to increase customer conversion.  

Marketing Automation

Use marketing automation in order to optimize your customer outreach. Doing so will free up valuable resources for your company and allow personalized interactions with your customers.   

Analytics Review

A marketing campaign without analytics is akin to driving a car without a GPS. We will make sure your decisions are backed by user data and market research so you can answer the why behind every decision.

Content Auditing

Make sure you're applying your expertise by discussing content that is in demand. Better yet, create evergreen content that has a long shelf life and will remain relevant to your readers in the long-run. 

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