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Digital Consultancy

Teal Ninja’s team will offer our expertise to help your business improve its digital presence. Digital consulting for clients involves finding areas of improvement and creating actionable steps for your business to raise its return on investment (ROI).

Digital Consulting leads to the development of a meticulous digital strategy with comprehensive guides for how your company can maximize the efficiency of your digital marketing. All companies have needs such as: cost reduction, staff communication and training, business priorities, customer acquisition strategies, and marketing channel audits. Digital Consultancy is invaluable for improving the success of your company and reducing the investment costs of your business, leading to better returns.

Digital consultancy is a perfect solution for businesses looking to improve their operations in house, rather than fully outsourcing their operations. Teal Ninja’s digital consultancy will provide your business training and a framework, tailored to the needs of your business, to help grow your online business.

Teal Ninja’s digital marketing team applies years of experience across multiple industries to ensure the success of our clients. Teal Ninja’s digital consulting can be provided individually or in conjunction with our full-service digital marketing in order to substantially increase your marketing reach.

Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy

Teal Ninja’s digital consultancy is tailored to your business. Alongside market research, our team of digital consultants will conduct group interviews for your team members to learn about your vision, services and products, and clients. Our consultants audit your digital presence, assessing the effectiveness of your current technologies and strategies compared to your businesses’ top competitors. By monitoring key performance indicators (KPI’s), Teal Ninja will evaluate the success of ongoing marketing projects. These insights will be used to optimize your business strategy, saving your business valuable time and resources.

In addition to internal review, Teal Ninja can also analyze the market landscape for your products by profiling your customer base. With our supplemental digital marketing services, our team can track customer behavior across your digital platforms, leading to valuable insights for lead scoring and future customer acquisition.

Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy


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