Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Emails are a great way to stay engaged with your contacts. Anyone who’s interacted with your business in the past has an interest in the growth and promotions of your business; this is a perfect audience for your business to communicate with.

Email marketing is a powerful tool for businesses looking to maximize their resources. Once you have the interest of a potential or past customers, your business is able to nurture your relationship with them by offering them supplementary information based on their preferences, or new products if they’ve expressed interest in the growth of your company. Teal Ninja’s experienced email marketing team will help you to foster personalized relationships with your customers, yielding a high return on investment (ROI) for your products or services. Consistent and substantive email campaigns will nurture high brand loyalty and brand awareness from your contacts.

Alongside our other services, Teal Ninja will take care of your businesses’ marketing needs. We know that every one of your contacts is a valuable person who shouldn’t be disengaged. Teal Ninja’s experienced team will maximize the engagement and conversion of your contacts using our tools and strategies, while also increasing your contact list through our digital marketing strategy.

Email Marketing Automation

Personalizing the engagement of your entire email list without the proper tools and knowledge can cause many contacts to slip through the cracks and remain unengaged. With a well tested email marketing strategy, your customers can receive emails crafted towards their interests, increasing their satisfaction and engagement.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Every email your business sends to customers is a part of a campaign. Whether it’s to promote new products, inform your readers through monthly newsletters, nurture your contacts with sales or specific information, many factors may affect whether a potential customer reads your email, or allows it to be buried in their inbox. Teal Ninja will apply industry practices such as A/B testing to maximize the efficacy of your campaigns.

Email Template Design

The design of your email can determine the effectiveness of your campaigns. If two emails with the same content are designed differently, the resulting click rates of the two may differ significantly. Teal Ninja will offer optimized email templates for each industry and campaign your business needs.

Tracking & Reporting

Teal Ninja will compile the results of your email campaign in a way that’s easy for your business to understand. The results of your campaign can offer insights that can be applied to further improving your services or products for a better user experience.

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