Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Pay Per Click advertising has the potential to offer your brand a major increase in awareness and an even higher return on investment. Each campaign will bring your business to the first page of the world’s largest search engines.

A well planned PPC advertising campaign will allow your business to increase its brand exposure and reach out to new audiences. Teal Ninja’s customized services will maximize the efficacy of your campaigns across multiple channels. Each of our PPC services integrate with our other marketing services, leading to more success for your business.

We understand the changing needs of the digital marketing space. In order to maximize your return on revenue, Teal Ninja will analyze competitors in the industry and identify high value keywords with a reasonable cost per click.

After creating and testing the best ads for your business, Teal Ninja will continue to track and adjust your PPC marketing campaigns to increase your incoming customers so you know that every click on an ad is a potential customer.

Paid Search Advertising

Google receives a significant portion of its revenue from advertisements. Businesses who chose to advertise their content on Google receive an exponential increase in organic search exposure. Should you choose to invest in PPC advertising, Teal Ninja will strategically design your advertisements to have the highest ROI.

PPC Remarketing

Remarketing is one of the best ways to continually expose users to your product, actively increasing awareness of your brand. For users who have already visited your websites, remarketing allows you to reconnect with the potential customer, further increasing the likelihood of converting the person into a customer.

Social Advertising

Advertising on social media networks will actively put your products and services in front of a large, engaged audience. Our social media page discusses how social media marketing can help your business.

Display Advertising

Display advertising will allow your business to engage with consumers with relevant content when they’re engaged with their devices. Teal Ninja will identify the behavior of your target audience and meet them where they’re most active, leading to high conversion rates for your services.

Video Advertising

For certain services and products, search engines such as Google may rank websites with videos higher. If video services are right for your business, Teal Ninja will use these to further increase the value and reach of your site, increasing your brand awareness.


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