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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines are the largest databases of information for consumers, and an outlet with significant potential for businesses. Optimization is significant as it will allow a passive influx of new visitors to your site, increasing your brand’s exposure.

Our Search Engine Optimization services include: website and content audits, business and industry analysis, keyword and LSI research, organic searches, link building, and other strategies that increase the ranking of your business on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Amazon.

Organic Search

When a person searches a word, phrase, or question on their search engine, they’re conducting an organic search. Teal Ninja will use SEO strategies in order to increase the likelihood that your business will rank above your competitors, increasing the chance that a person searching for your business practice will choose you over others.

On-Page SEO

Once you establish your credibility in the industry, Teal Ninja will work to optimize your content and website to make them easily accessible by search engines. On-Page SEO strategies will boost the ranking of your website and provide your quality content to a wider audience, further increasing your brand awareness. Refer to our content marketing strategies service where we discuss the importance of having strong, relatable content for your users. 

Link Building

Google and other search engines prioritize content that will benefit its users. One of the ranking mechanisms search engines use to assess credibility is the number of high quality websites that link to your website. Whether it be for local SEO optimization or for your specific industry, Teal Ninja’s team will increase the internal linking of your website, increasing the ranking and value of your business.

Search Engine Optimization is what differentiates businesses in the same industry. Even if your staff and product are the best among all your competitors, if customers aren’t able to find you, then there is a significant loss in potential revenue. As search engines (i.e. Google) improve their consoles and release new mechanisms, you can trust Teal Ninja to keep up with these changes.

Teal Ninja’s Search Engine Optimization service will work alongside our other services to significantly increase your brand’s awareness. Working closely alongside our clients, Teal Ninja will offer your business full reports on SEO keyword rankings, site performance, and customer conversion rates. With Teal Ninja’s full service marketing, you can trust us to handle the marketing of your business so your team can spend time doing what it’s best at: creating the best products and services.

Keyword Research / Strategy

When a user searches for something, a search engine will retrieve content for the search by looking for keywords that reflect core content, and further refining the search with LSI’s and other methods. In order to optimize your content for search engines, Teal Ninja will find the perfect balance for your content to be retrieved by search engines.

Activity Reports

Reports on the performance of your content are vital. Website performance reports can be used the shape your company’s future content, products, and strategies, leading to improved performance in the future. Teal Ninja is invested in the success of your company and will ensure that all metrics are summarized for your company to see and work from, saving you precious time. 


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