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Social Media Marketing

Social media is a powerful tool that allows you to connect and interact with your audience, increase your brand awareness, and for customers to find your business. 

Teal Ninja offers a full service marketing experience. Our experienced marketing team will use social media to help your brand establish an online presence that your audience can connect with. Utilizing social media will enhance your business objectives, increase your leads, and improve your brand awareness among competitors.

Teal Ninja will offer a customized Social Media Marketing strategy that will match the exact needs of your business. Using market research and advanced analytics, we can either create and maintain your online presence, or improve the engagement rate of your existing brand followers. Our services are not limited to brand monitoring, social media campaigns, social media management, and design. As a full service group we adapt to the evolving needs of the marketing industry so our clients can stay ahead of their competitors.

Social Media Marketing enables your business to continually engage your loyal customers and for your loyal customers to follow the journey of your business as you develop. Maintaining awareness of your products and your company image is reflected in both hard and soft metrics. Improvements in your strategy will allow your business to observe an increase in the number of shares, comments, likes, views, and re-tweets of people interacting with your brand, increasing the organic reach of your company. We will ensure that your brand is offering useful content to an interested audience so that your gains aren’t just shown by the numbers, but the real, quality people behind the engagements.

Brand Monitoring

Social media allows your current and potential customers to interact with your brand in through a convenient platform. By monitoring the impact your brand has on your customers and their feedback, your company can collect valuable feedback from real users. Teal Ninja will analyze the perception people have of your product and offer analytical feedback for your product development team to implement in their roadmap, allowing your company to craft a better experience for your clients.

Social Media Campaigns

A majority of people in the US have a social media profile. Using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are important outlets for your brand to interact with your audience. Using our social media experience, Teal Ninja will create social media campaigns that engage with your audience, leading to a high ROI. 

Social Media Management

Managing multiple social media platforms while maintaining a consistent presence is difficult. A consequence of poor management is the loss of a hot lead due to poor response time. Teal Ninja will ensure that your potential customers will be engaged across every platform they use, increasing the overall exposure of your company significantly.

Setup & Custom Profile Design

A company's social media profile is the public face of the company. Just as how people talking with a person, Teal Ninja will personalize your social media profiles to emulate the interests of your target customers. This will allow the content you provide and the interactions your company has with potential clients to resonate with their desires.


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